Copper Knowledge is a company that provides open-source information on elemental copper (Cu) to educate the public on its biological, industrial, and investment utility. The site serves as a valuable knowledge base for learning about copper’s role in human health, industrial and electrical use, as well as investment opportunities via scrap resources, mining, and smelting bars for storage or resale.

Investment Opportunities

The site is constantly updated with education that answers your many questions about how to find free copper for resale to foundries, recycling options, as well as marketplace knowledge among copper mining companies, copper stocks, and the price of copper as a commodity.

Why Copper is on the Investor’s Radar in 2019

The reason copper is gaining attention among investors is due to its long-held role in electronics. Although silver is the best conductor of electricity, copper is the second best—but it’s cheaper, making it a chief staple for electrical wiring, from home appliances to electric cars.

The price of copper soared a couple years ago, and investors on mainstream media have come forth with promising hopes of consistent price increases in the coming years. We may be at the dawn of a copper bull-market as the value and scarcity of copper will be likened to a ‘gold rush.’ Now is the time to gain the knowledge you need to seize the benefits.

Industrial and Electrical Use

Copper is used for household piping and serves as an excellent conductor of electricity considering its fair price (after silver, which is more expensive). See the blog categories and articles written on how copper is currently utilized in manufacturing of appliances as well as electrical use, such as in eco-friendly cars.

Human Biology

Copper plays a substantial role in our lifelong health. We require about 2mg of copper per day, which can be obtained by eating enough nuts, seeds, dried apricots, dark leafy greens, as well as organ meats. Moreover, copper plays a major role in many body functions such as making red blood cells, maintaining nerve cells and the immune system, aiding with the storage of iron, among other things.

I also discuss the psychological and cosmetic effects of substantial copper levels in the human body. This includes having a more youthful appearance and exhibiting more feminine characteristics such as being warm, caring, sensitive and having a more childlike nature. All this is discussed in the blog posts.

Message from Chris Nawojczyk

At Copper Knowledge I have made it my mission to disseminate free information on the latest trends and insights on the golden-yellow metal. I am here to cultivate a community of like-minded individuals and educate the general public, so that people of all walks of life, income and age-brackets can take advantage of this promising wave of opportunity.

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