Copper Knowledge is a company dedicated to disseminating free information on the earth mineral copper (Cu) for investor, industrial and biological reasons. Our aim is to cover the vast array of activity surrounding the use of copper from collecting scrap material, buying copper stocks, to the human biological need for copper in trace amounts—we provide it all in this niché archive.

Founder and Chief Editor

My name is Chris Nawojczyk, Founder and Chief Editor at Copper Knowledge. I am a creative entrepreneur and web developer who enjoys researching copper out of personal interest. I made this site to share and disseminate my work so that all can benefit from it. Copperknowledge.com serves as a research project out of my own volition, which also profits everyone wanting to read the content. This site is meant to be enjoyable and informative to visitors so they can find the answers they seek. I enjoy sharing my discoveries through blogging and documentation—a win-win for all of us. That’s what the Internet’s for!

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